Geoffrey Ross Photography
Price list 2023
Prices shown here are in Canadian Dollars. Currency conversion for international clients will be done at the time of the quote or invoice.
Photography :      $150.00 per hour ($1200.00 per day)
Retouching :         Basic: $40.00 per shot (Removes most imperfections and fine tunes the image. Saves or eliminates final retouching time)
                              In depth: $ 90.00 per hour (Label replacement, compositing, switching backgrounds) 
Camera kit:          Canon DSLR kit $300.00 per day (Web, Social ,Smaller print) 
                              Phase One (100 MP)kit $650.00 per day (In store signage, Double page spreads, Posters)
 Studio:                $400.00 - $1000.00 per day depending on requirements and size 
                                  *The studio I use most often is $600.00 per day.
                                  * I have a small home based studio used for tests and experimentation. However, if clients are happy working remotely and the sets are fairly small, this can be used to save studio costs. This option is used for most of my beauty product jobs. 
The number of shots that can be done in a day depends on on a number of factors including complexity, number of set changes, condition of the product, and the time it takes for final approval. With more information about the scope of the project I will provide an accurate quote before we proceed. However as a rough guide, the most complex shots shown on my website can be done in 1/2 a day, simple shots can be done in about 1/2 an hour.
 Possible additional costs if required would be props/backgrounds, stylist, catering, and couriers